Be a Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help us bring more digital learning experiences to young developers around the world. The things to note about volunteering with us includes:

    • There is no age limit it’s experiences in the chosen field that counts
    • Volunteers opportunities are not paid opportunities but are highly appreciated in our own little way.
    • Location is not a barrier. You can volunteer from anywhere in the world and in fact we welcome the diversity to our team.

Some of the opened positions includes:

      1. Community Manager (3): the roles includes management of WhatsApp groups and promoting engagement in all groups
      1. Web Developer (2): Manage codeIT website.

      2. Content Developer (1): develop content for codeIT blog and online activities

      3. Curriculum Developer (1): Work with facilitators to develop curriculum for our online and offline classes

      4. Social media Manager: Organizing codeIT monthly IGlive, daily posting, reporting and analytics

      5. Graphics Design (1): support with graphic design for print and online

      6. Videographer (1); crest short weekly videos for our social media platforms and edit online class videos

      7. Program Manger: coordinate and planning of codeIT monthly and yearly programs

      8. Opportunities Desk Officers (1): perform desktop research and fact checking opportunities that are beneficiary to the community. Competitions, grants, awards, tech scholarships etc

      9. Account Officer: confirm receipts and Billings for participants.

      If you are interested in anyone of these roles please fill out the form below: