Frequently Asked Questions

CodeIT is dedicated to growing young people in the area of computer science, especially around promoting hardcore programming skills at an early age. Our vision is that every codeIT participants get the consistent long-term mentorship and opportunity to learn computer science and ultimately shape the world they live in positivity through codes.

Definitely, there are two types of codeIT program. codeIT holiday runs every holidays. While codeIT afterschool runs as an extra curricular activity your parents or schools can register for.

codeIT training occurs 3 times a year but mentoring happens all year round.

Definately, codeIT is designed for growth…. Once your register for one codeIT you can come from for. You move up from one codeIT level to another with each program. And each level comes with learning a new programming language.

From N10,000 upward per participant. And it depends on the course taken

Yahhh!! We are very excited to hear this. To join the team Visit for Details .